Tips For Maintaining Your Gravel Driveway

Tips For Your Gravel Driveway

Gravel is an excellent option that is both easy to install as well as flexible for driveways and walkways for both residential homes and commercial businesses. A gravel driveway is particularly best for large parking areas, or a driveway that extends for a great length along your property, as they provide an affordable option that is still attractive and can enhance the look of your property.

While gravel driveways cost considerably less than concrete or asphalt, they do, like any driveway material, require some maintenance. Below are a few tips for maintaining your gravel driveway to keep it in top condition:

  • Ensure that your driveway is properly graded
    Grading is crucial to maintain a gravel driveway. Proper grading consists of loosening any hard-packed gravel, as well as loosening the driveway to the depths of any potholes to prevent them from reoccurring. The gravel should be scraped from the edges to the center first, creating a “crown,” and then feathering the gravel out lightly all the way to the edges of the driveway. Once the grading process has been created, it is essential to pack the gravel, in order to ensure that your driveway is level and has a proper base.
  • Consistently check for Potholes or Ruts in your driveway
    Potholes and ruts can make drainage problems worse, and create problems with your car as well as your driveway down the road. The best solution is to deal with them as they occur, replacing the necessary gravel and raking it to a proper level.
  • Keep an eye out for drainage problems
    Poor drainage can cause problems in any gravel driveway, leading to ruts, washouts, and eventually erosion. Ensuring that your gravel driveway is properly constructed and installed can eliminate most drainage issues, however, should you experience problems with water, it is important to add gravel making your driveway higher than the areas that surround it, or construct a ditch that pulls the water away from where it flows over the gravel.
  • Using the right materials for your driveway
    Understanding the different materials used in gravel driveways is the best measure for success. Gravel size should approximately pea-size, (¼”), with sharp edges. Using larger-sized flat or smooth stones can lead to pits, ruts, or potholes.
  • Replenish snow plow damage in the spring
    Using a snow plow during winter ensures that you have a clear driveway, but it can wreak havoc on your gravel come spring. Any gravel that is displaced during snow removal in cold climates should be raked back from the yard each spring, moving the gravel that has been pulled outward by the snow plow, back toward the middle section of your driveway.

McClymonds Supply & Transit, operating out of Portersville, Pennsylvania, has been supplying tailgating services to the region since 1945. Providing a number of grades of gravel and limestone for commercial and residential driveway projects, McClymonds Supply & Transit’s modern fleet of tri-axle dumps and tractors with dump and specialty trailers can deliver the driveway materials that you need, directly where you need them. The experienced drivers at McClymonds Supply & Transit will tailgate your driveway, thus eliminating the need for moving materials with wheelbarrows, rakes and shovels. Their Material Calculator allows you to calculate the amount of gravel or limestone materials that you need for a specific area, eliminating the costs of wasted materials.

For more information on McClymonds Supply & Transit’s materials or tailgating services, contact them today, where their expert professionals will welcome your inquiries as well as help you determine which stone is best suited for your particular project.

Why Bulk Limestone is Better Than A Gravel Driveway

Limestone Driveways, What a Great Choice!

Your driveway is an important aspect of your home or business. In regards to your home, it serves as an entrance to your home or garage as well as a parking space. In terms of a business, it is a busy thoroughfare, with customers entering and exiting in their vehicles, as well as parking.

The material you use in your driveway plays an essential part in its use, durability and ability to withstand the elements. In Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, this is particularly important, as the seasons can be temperamental as well as extreme, wreaking havoc on your driveway materials.

The best and simple solution, one that is proven with time, is a limestone driveway. Crushed limestone driveways are often confused with gravel driveways, however they are very different materials. Limestone is a time-tested material that is known for its durability and has been used for ages, including being used in the construction of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, a testament to its durability.

McClymond’s Supply & Transit is a leading supplier of dry bulk commodities, serving large public utilities, manufacturers, road contractors, housing plan developers, municipalities, landscaping supply companies, and even homeowners who are looking for materials for a large yard or driveway project.

Providing quality trucking services to thousands of satisfied customers since 1945, McClymond’s Supply & Transit has a modern fleet of trucks, including tri-axle dump trucks and tractors, to meet the needs of anyone requiring bulk delivery.

Each driveway project is as unique as the building it surrounds, and all stone projects require different types and sizes of limestone. McClymond’s Supply & Transit has the limestone supplies that you need to make your project a success. Their experienced drivers can deliver your limestone directly to your site, eliminating the need to move the limestone with wheelbarrows, rakes and shovels.

With McClymond’s Supply & Transit, you can get the supplies you need, delivered directly where you need them! Their attention to detail and superior customer service makes them the leading dry bulk commodity supplier in the region. They have a number of limestone products for every need – from ditch lining to driveway base. Their material calculator can even help you estimate the amount of limestone that you need for your particular project. Contact the experts at McClymond’s Supply & Transit for a quote a question, and their experienced staff will be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring With Bulk Landscaping Supplies

Preparing Your Garden

Everyone knows that a beautifully landscaped yard is not only pleasing to the eye, it also increases the curb appeal of your home or business. And a big factor in any landscaping project is the type of materials used.


Choosing the right landscaping material depends on a number of factors: integrating with the design of your yard, complementing the look of your home or business, whether you are aiming for a specific “theme,” as well as reflecting your personal taste and style.


Common materials used in landscaping are:

  • Gravel
  • Rock
  • Mulch/Bark
  • Sand
  • Topsoil
  • Limestone
  • Decorative Stone

Each material serves its own purpose and can complement your yard in different ways. But while many home improvement stores offer these products, it is always the best choice to buy your landscaping materials in bulk, particularly if you are a landscaping company or a homeowner with a big project.


Advantages of Buying Landscaping Materials in Bulk

Bulk Materials

Determining exactly how much material you will need for your project as well as having to lug heavy bags of supplies back an forth can be avoided by simply purchasing your landscaping materials in bulk. When you are dealing with materials such as mulch, topsoil, and decorative gravel, imagine the convenience of finding a company specializing in hauling bulk landscaping materials, trucking them directly to your home so that you can begin your project!


McClymonds Supply & Transit has been serving contractors, landscaping companies, and even homeowners with bulk landscaping supplies since 1945. Whether you are looking for hauling a single truckload or need materials for a larger project, McClymonds Supply & Transit can provide what you need, when you need it. Their material calculator even helps you to determine the amount that you need, avoiding excess waste or extra trips to the store.


McClymonds Supply & Transit offers all of the landscaping materials listed above and their Slinger trucks specialize in residential hauling of landscaping materials. With their services, you can get the materials you need, in the quantity that you need, without even leaving your home!

Contact the expert professionals at McClymonds Supply & Transit for more information on their bulk landscaping material hauling services and how they can help you get your landscaping project started!

Buying Landscaping Supply Materials in Bulk

Supply Materials

The warmer weather of spring making its long-awaited appearance in Pittsburgh marks the beginning of landscaping season. Homeowners and landscapers alike are preparing to stock up and begin planting trees, plants and flowers that thrive in the Pennsylvania climate.

Landscapers and landscaping companies who are looking to stock up on materials that are commonly in demand need a trusted supplier who can provide them with the necessary supplies, in bulk, hauling them directly to where they are needed!

McClymond’s Supply & Transit, operating out of Portersville, PA, has been supplying bulk material hauling services to thousands of customers since 1945. With a modern fleet of trucks and tractors that are geared specifically for hauling bulk materials, McClymonds has a number of materials to suit any landscaping needs.

From large landscaping companies to smaller local businesses, McClymonds can deliver the necessary materials, either to your business, or directly to the job site! Whether looking for a large haul or a simple truckload of landscaping materials, McClymonds’ Landscaping Supply Outlet can do the hauling for you. Their Slinger truck specializes in residential bulk landscaping delivery, making it easy for you to have your materials delivered direct and sparing you the hassle and expense of buying and hauling it yourself!

McClymonds Landscaping Supply Outlet offers a wide variety of bulk landscaping materials including:

  • Gravel
  • Rock
  • Mulch/Bark
  • Sand
  • Topsoil
  • Limestone
  • Decorative Stone

Bulk landscaping materials are available in a variety of styles and sizes, with something to meet the needs of each and every project, regardless of size. There is even a material calculator so that you can ensure that you are getting the amount of materials that you need, without waste!

McClymonds is proud to be a supplier of some of the most sought after materials in the landscaping industry. Their years of experience in trucking and hauling bulk materials and commodities make them the most knowledgable in the industry. Don’t wait any longer to get stocked up on bulk landscaping materials — contact the experts at McClymonds for more information on their bulk hauling services.

Mulching Your Yard For Spring

Are you Ready For Spring?

Springtime has arrived in Western Pennsylvania, and with the onset of spring comes planting season. A beautifully landscaped yard enhances the curb appeal of your home as well as adding to its value, but it’s also important to consider the health of your plants. And that’s where mulching comes in.

The Importance of Mulching

While mulch is generally considered a decorative material, many don’t realize the benefits that it provides to your plants and trees. In addition to providing a protective layer, mulching has many benefits to enrich and protect your soil, and provide a better environment for growing, including:

• Mulch insulates your soil, providing a “buffer” from extreme heat and cold temperatures.
• Mulch reduces soil compaction, which can occur from heavy rain.
• Mulch retains water, conserving moisture and helps keep the roots of the plant or tree moist.
• Mulch serves as a protection for soil erosion.
• Mulch helps to maintain a more even soil temperature.
• Mulch helps to prevent weed growth, preventing root competition.

Mulching Options

When buying mulch, there are many options available, red mulch, black mulch and brown mulch, from fine to coarse ground. A better understanding of each option is important when choosing which mulch is right for you.

Ground Mulch – Mulch is available in three types of grounds: single ground, double ground and triple ground. The difference in ground is in the shredding; single ground tends to have long strands and is more coarse. Double ground consists of smaller pieces that are easier to spread, while triple ground is the most compact type of mulch. The finer the shred, the more closely the mulch locks together keeping it in place.

It is important to understand that the finer the shred of mulch, the less time it takes to decompose, meaning that they may need reapplied more often than a coarser mulch. All types of grounds of mulch are equally useful for maintaining healthy soil that is retains moisture, as well as providing an attractive landscape.

Mulch Colors – The most common mulch colors are red, black, and brown, or chocolate. They color mulch that you choose depends on the overall look that you want to achieve. Colored mulch is the obvious choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your overall landscape. While colored mulch can make the colors of your flowers, plants and foliage stand out, the color will eventually fade and need to be replaced more often than natural mulch.

Buying Mulch

The recommended amount of mulch is a 2 to 3 inch layer to your garden and landscaping in the spring for adequate water retention, as well as in the fall for protecting the soil during the winter months. While there are many home improvement stores that offer “deals” on mulch during planting season, your best option is buying bulk mulch. Having bulk mulch delivered directly to your home saves you the time, money and hassle of lugging heavy bags back and forth as well as the guesswork as to how much you really need.

McClymonds Supply & Transit has been supplying homeowners and landscaping companies with bulk landscaping materials since 1945. A leader in the Pennsylvania dry bulk commodity hauling industry, McClymonds Supply & Transit can help you choose the right materials for your landscaping needs, whether it be mulch, gravel or limestone. Their Landscape Material Calculator can help you determine the right amount that you need, saving you excess waste or extra trips to the store.

Contact the experts at McClymonds Supply & Transit for more information on how to get bulk landscaping materials delivered directly to your home. Their commitment to their customers and providing quality products ensures that you will be getting the best materials that meet your unique needs, hassle-free!

Choosing Gravel for Your Construction Project

Gravel Hauling

There are many home and business owners that have used asphalt or cement to construct their driveways. However, there are other options available that are more pleasing to the eye, environmentally friendly, and easier on the pocketbook. One of these options is gravel. Gravel comes in many colors including gray, black, red, white and brown. In fact, the gravel hauling industry can be paramount when it comes to many construction projects, be they local or private.

Gravel is relatively easy to work with. Its strength and sturdiness make it a great material for building the foundations of driveways and walkways. What makes gravel environmentally friendly is the ability of water to pass through it and into the ground below instead of into drainage systems and ultimately ending up in local water basins. It’s especially important for contractors to consider using gravel when working at waterfront properties or areas. Local jurisdictions have begun requiring that no impenetrable surfaces like concrete and asphalt be installed near waterfront areas.

One of the most important things construction contractors consider is the shape and size of the gravel used. If the gravel is not the right size and shape, it won’t hold together properly. For this reason, companies specializing in gravel transit need to have large supplies of different varieties, shapes and sizes of gravel to meet the needs of its clients. A gravel transit companies often have a location for crushing gravel into smaller pieces.

There are other reasons gravel transit companies need a varied supply of gravel. When a driveway is being constructed,for example, the larger stones are usually needed at the bottom and the smaller on top. It’s not uncommon for gravel hauling companies to serve the same construction location multiple times per week with different product of different sizes. The same gravel hauling company should also be able to meet the needs of smaller projects by independent contractors or homeowners who might just need one load for their projects.

A good gravel hauling company also delivers material such as mulch and topsoil, and does so at a bargain. McClymonds Supply and Transit is a gravel transit company located in Portersville, Pennsylvania. Established in 1945, its main business is delivering construction materials to construction sites. These include materials such as sand, limestone, rocks, decorative stone and gravel. Even though McClymonds Supply and Transit is located in Pennsylvania, it services areas such as far away as the Northern Midwest, Maine through Northeast Georgia and Ontario Canada.

Picking The Right Stone

The Right Stone For You

Homeowners need to pay attention to the driveway to their home because the driveway is an important element to curb appeal. An attractive driveway made of stone increases the value of a home more than asphalt or concrete. In addition, stone offers a variety of options not available with asphalt. The first matter to consider for a homeowner is what type of stone to use in a driveway.

Natural Stone

Natural crushed stone, brick and recycled stone are the most popular choices. Of the three, natural crushed stone is chosen by most homeowners. Natural stone is produced from granite, limestone, traprock and sandstone and easily lends itself to stone haulting and gravel hauling to any project. This stone is usually laid in layers. The first layer will consist of large stones dumped on compacted soil to create a solid foundation. That layer is followed by smaller stones. Then the driveway is finally topped with a mix of large and small stones.

Choosing the Color

The color of the stone should be carefully selected in order to match the home’s exterior. McClymonds Supply and Transit, based in Portersville, PA, can show homeowners stone samples and pictures of how different stone driveways appear when finished. The company also provides stone haulting and gravel hauling to a job site. Common stone colors include brown, tan, white, grey and red.

Choosing the Shape

Driveway rock, which is delivered by either stone haulting or gravel hauling trucks, is offered in a variety of shapes to please even discriminating homeowners. Crushed stone offers rough edges and surfaces that make easy contact with tires to create friction. The angles in the rock act as pieces of a puzzle that fit snuggly together.
River stone is rounded with a smooth surface. It’s recommended that driveway edging be installed to keep this stone in the driveway. Pea gravel is similar to river rock and requires careful installation to keep them from escaping the driveway.

Choosing the Size

Jagged crushed stone is offered in various colors that will measure from fractions of an inch up to 7 inches. A numbering system, designed by the American Society for Testing and Materials, is used to classify stone according to size. In driveway construction, #2 is designated for stones about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The #57 designates stones that are 3/4 inch to 1 inch. These stone types lend themselves to easy stone haulting and gravel hauling by truck.

Stone driveways are attractive and add value to a home. They are friendly toward the environment because of their superior draining capability over concrete and asphalt. Once a design of the driveway is determined, McClymonds Supply and Transit Stone can calculate how much stone will be needed. The stone for driveways will be delivered by trucks designed for gravel hauling and stone haulting.

McClymonds Specializes in Heavy Equipment Transport

Heavy Equipment Hauling

If your flatbed trailer is inadequate because your shipment is too wide, heavy, tall or a heavy equipment hauling method is the only choice, then McClymonds Supply and Transit is the right resource for the job.

Oversize equipment hauling , also called overweight, superload or over dimensional means that a truck tractor with a trailer has an overweight or over dimensional load that exceeds regular permit parameters specifically associated with those types of loads. The state regulates the weight and size of the superload, and an oversize equipment hauling job may exceed standard sizes. The oversize load must be non-reducible, which means it cannot be made to fit standard dimensions for hauling. The oversize equipment hauling must consist of a single unit that exceeds a combined gross weight of 80,000 pounds for the trailer, truck and item to be shipped.

Oversize Equipment Hauling

Equipment that may be necessary for a heavy load includes:

  • Extendable trailers.
  • Double drops.
  • Stretch trailers
  • Trailers that may be up to 20 axels.
  • Removable goosenecks.

The Legal Requirements for Overweight, Oversize and Superloads

Understanding the legal considerations, technical challenges and permits of pulling an oversize equipment hauling job is vital to having a successful shipment.

Generally, states require that many oversize loads have a certified pilot/escort vehicle operator (P/EVO) to protect other motorists and the load itself. The P/EVO escorts the superload from its original location to its final destination without damaging highways, bridges, roads, motorists, the load, control devices, wires, overhanging objects or signs.

McClymonds Supply and Transit will manage the entire process to transport your superload from start to finish including obtaining permits, escort or pilot cars, and any additional special equipment that may be needed to haul the load safely.

McClymonds Supply and Transit specializes in managing the logistics of even the most challenging heavy equipment hauling in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner.

While we specialize in hauling metals, materials such as scrap iron and aluminum and gravel, we haul many additional heavy items such as:

  • Air exchangers.
  • Boats.
  • Boilers.
  • Compressors.
  • Condensers.
  • Construction tractors.
  • Excavators.
  • Generators.
  • Manufactured homes.
  • Piping.
  • Stamping presses.
  • Turbines.
  • Wind energy equipment.

If your heavy equipment hauling item is not listed above, please contact us, and we will work with you to arrange the shipment of your oversize item.

We have extensive experience in heavy haul trucking specializing in serving Western Pennsylvania. Some loads may need multi-axel trailers or specially designed components. However, you can be assured that our knowledge, experience and resources in heavy equipment hauling will ensure that even the most challenges circumstances will be handled with the highest level or customer service and professionalism. Above all, safety is our highest priority for the drivers, customers, and the public at large who will come within near proximity to an heavy equipment hauling project.

For over 65 years, McClymonds Supply and Transit has used top of the line equipment for oversize and heavy item relocation projects. Their ongoing commitment to client satisfaction ensures they will deliver exactly what the client expects.

From relocation project design to the installation, their innovative moving techniques minimize the downtime and meet the demands of even the most challenging superload relocation. They can provide you with cost effective solutions and strategies for your heavy load project.

Why Haul Materials Professionally?

In many instances, professional hauling companies may not get all of the recognition that they deserve. The average person just is not aware of the ins and outs of the material hauling industry to fully grasp the depth of services provided by companies like McClymonds Supply and Transit based in Western Pennsylvania. Transportation is a pretty broad industry in and of itself, but tanker hauling adds a whole different dimension to the transportation dynamic.

Material Hauling includes the storage and delivery of goods and materials by transit companies all over the country. These companies transport and haul different types of cargo. Some tend to focus their efforts on hauling metals and materials since many of these same materials are utilized in the housing and homebuilding sector as well as the recyclable materials industry, thereby allowing certain hauls to essentially earn money both coming and going. Material hauling companies that focus on working with such metals and materials often find that such ventures prove lucrative due to the nature of the business itself.

The companies that work with metals and materials like scrap iron, aluminum and gravel utilize fleets of trucks and a diverse fleet of equipment. Top of the line equipment that is kept in pristine and well-maintained condition is a top priority for material hauling and tanker hauling companies working with these types of materials like aluminum and scrap iron. These companies focus on material and tanker hauling and incorporate tri-axle trucks, dump trucks, specialty trailers and other types of vehicles and equipment for jobs like tanker hauling and scrap metal hauling. This is all done in order to ensure that the job is done right so that the customer has the load delivered on time and intact.

Material hauling companies take pride in their equipment almost as much as they take pride in their attention to detail when it comes to hauling cargo loads of materials. When hauling materials, whether it be as close as across town or as far as across the country, material hauling and tanker hauling transit companies that stand behind their work also stand on a set of principles that ensure that drivers have the capacity to deliver a load safely and securely as well as on schedule.