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McClymonds Specializes in Heavy Equipment Transport

May 29, 2018

Heavy Equipment Hauling

If your flatbed trailer is inadequate because your shipment is too wide, heavy, tall or a heavy equipment hauling method is the only choice, then McClymonds Supply and Transit is the right resource for the job.

Oversize equipment hauling , also called overweight, superload or over dimensional means that a truck tractor with a trailer has an overweight or over dimensional load that exceeds regular permit parameters specifically associated with those types of loads. The state regulates the weight and size of the superload, and an oversize equipment hauling job may exceed standard sizes. The oversize load must be non-reducible, which means it cannot be made to fit standard dimensions for hauling. The oversize equipment hauling must consist of a single unit that exceeds a combined gross weight of 80,000 pounds for the trailer, truck and item to be shipped.

Oversize Equipment Hauling

Heavy HaulingEquipment that may be necessary for a heavy load includes:

  • Extendable trailers.
  • Double drops.
  • Stretch trailers
  • Trailers that may be up to 20 axels.
  • Removable goosenecks.

The Legal Requirements for Overweight, Oversize and Superloads

Understanding the legal considerations, technical challenges and permits of pulling an oversize equipment hauling job is vital to having a successful shipment.

Generally, states require that many oversize loads have a certified pilot/escort vehicle operator (P/EVO) to protect other motorists and the load itself. The P/EVO escorts the superload from its original location to its final destination without damaging highways, bridges, roads, motorists, the load, control devices, wires, overhanging objects or signs.

McClymonds Supply and Transit will manage the entire process to transport your superload from start to finish including obtaining permits, escort or pilot cars, and any additional special equipment that may be needed to haul the load safely.

McClymonds Supply and Transit specializes in managing the logistics of even the most challenging heavy equipment hauling in a timely, safe and cost efficient manner.

While we specialize in hauling metals, materials such as scrap iron and aluminum and gravel, we haul many additional heavy items such as:

  • Air exchangers.
  • Boats.
  • Boilers.
  • Compressors.
  • Condensers.
  • Construction tractors.
  • Excavators.
  • Generators.
  • Manufactured homes.
  • Piping.
  • Stamping presses.
  • Turbines.
  • Wind energy equipment.

If your heavy equipment hauling item is not listed above, please contact us, and we will work with you to arrange the shipment of your oversize item.

We have extensive experience in heavy haul trucking specializing in serving Western Pennsylvania. Some loads may need multi-axel trailers or specially designed components. However, you can be assured that our knowledge, experience and resources in heavy equipment hauling will ensure that even the most challenges circumstances will be handled with the highest level or customer service and professionalism. Above all, safety is our highest priority for the drivers, customers, and the public at large who will come within near proximity to an heavy equipment hauling project.

For over 65 years, McClymonds Supply and Transit has used top of the line equipment for oversize and heavy item relocation projects. Their ongoing commitment to client satisfaction ensures they will deliver exactly what the client expects.

From relocation project design to the installation, their innovative moving techniques minimize the downtime and meet the demands of even the most challenging superload relocation. They can provide you with cost effective solutions and strategies for your heavy load project.

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