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Get Your Garden Ready for Spring With Bulk Landscaping Supplies

July 6, 2014

Preparing Your Garden

Everyone knows that a beautifully landscaped yard is not only pleasing to the eye, it also increases the curb appeal of your home or business. And a big factor in any landscaping project is the type of materials used.


Choosing the right landscaping material depends on a number of factors: integrating with the design of your yard, complementing the look of your home or business, whether you are aiming for a specific “theme,” as well as reflecting your personal taste and style.


Common materials used in landscaping are:

  • Gravel
  • Rock
  • Mulch/Bark
  • Sand
  • Topsoil
  • Limestone
  • Decorative Stone

Each material serves its own purpose and can complement your yard in different ways. But while many home improvement stores offer these products, it is always the best choice to buy your landscaping materials in bulk, particularly if you are a landscaping company or a homeowner with a big project.


Advantages of Buying Landscaping Materials in Bulk

Bulk Materials

Determining exactly how much material you will need for your project as well as having to lug heavy bags of supplies back an forth can be avoided by simply purchasing your landscaping materials in bulk. When you are dealing with materials such as mulch, topsoil, and decorative gravel, imagine the convenience of finding a company specializing in hauling bulk landscaping materials, trucking them directly to your home so that you can begin your project!


McClymonds Supply & Transit has been serving contractors, landscaping companies, and even homeowners with bulk landscaping supplies since 1945. Whether you are looking for hauling a single truckload or need materials for a larger project, McClymonds Supply & Transit can provide what you need, when you need it. Their material calculator even helps you to determine the amount that you need, avoiding excess waste or extra trips to the store.


McClymonds Supply & Transit offers all of the landscaping materials listed above and their Slinger trucks specialize in residential hauling of landscaping materials. With their services, you can get the materials you need, in the quantity that you need, without even leaving your home!

Contact the expert professionals at McClymonds Supply & Transit for more information on their bulk landscaping material hauling services and how they can help you get your landscaping project started!

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