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Picking The Right Stone

March 20, 2014

The Right Stone For You

Homeowners need to pay attention to the driveway to their home because the driveway is an important element to curb appeal. An attractive driveway made of stone increases the value of a home more than asphalt or concrete. In addition, stone offers a variety of options not available with asphalt. The first matter to consider for a homeowner is what type of stone to use in a driveway.

Natural Stone

Natural crushed stone, brick and recycled stone are the most popular choices. Of the three, natural crushed stone is chosen by most homeowners. Natural stone is produced from granite, limestone, traprock and sandstone and easily lends itself to stone haulting and gravel hauling to any project. This stone is usually laid in layers. The first layer will consist of large stones dumped on compacted soil to create a solid foundation. That layer is followed by smaller stones. Then the driveway is finally topped with a mix of large and small stones.

Choosing the Color

The color of the stone should be carefully selected in order to match the home’s exterior. McClymonds Supply and Transit, based in Portersville, PA, can show homeowners stone samples and pictures of how different stone driveways appear when finished. The company also provides stone haulting and gravel hauling to a job site. Common stone colors include brown, tan, white, grey and red.

Choosing the Shape

Driveway rock, which is delivered by either stone haulting or gravel hauling trucks, is offered in a variety of shapes to please even discriminating homeowners. Crushed stone offers rough edges and surfaces that make easy contact with tires to create friction. The angles in the rock act as pieces of a puzzle that fit snuggly together.
River stone is rounded with a smooth surface. It’s recommended that driveway edging be installed to keep this stone in the driveway. Pea gravel is similar to river rock and requires careful installation to keep them from escaping the driveway.

Choosing the Size

Jagged crushed stone is offered in various colors that will measure from fractions of an inch up to 7 inches. A numbering system, designed by the American Society for Testing and Materials, is used to classify stone according to size. In driveway construction, #2 is designated for stones about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The #57 designates stones that are 3/4 inch to 1 inch. These stone types lend themselves to easy stone haulting and gravel hauling by truck.

Stone driveways are attractive and add value to a home. They are friendly toward the environment because of their superior draining capability over concrete and asphalt. Once a design of the driveway is determined, McClymonds Supply and Transit Stone can calculate how much stone will be needed. The stone for driveways will be delivered by trucks designed for gravel hauling and stone haulting.

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