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Choosing Gravel for Your Construction Project

April 3, 2014

Gravel Hauling

There are many home and business owners that have used asphalt or cement to construct their driveways. However, there are other options available that are more pleasing to the eye, environmentally friendly, and easier on the pocketbook. One of these options is gravel. Gravel comes in many colors including gray, black, red, white and brown. In fact, the gravel hauling industry can be paramount when it comes to many construction projects, be they local or private.

Gravel is relatively easy to work with. Its strength and sturdiness make it a great material for building the foundations of driveways and walkways. What makes gravel environmentally friendly is the ability of water to pass through it and into the ground below instead of into drainage systems and ultimately ending up in local water basins. It’s especially important for contractors to consider using gravel when working at waterfront properties or areas. Local jurisdictions have begun requiring that no impenetrable surfaces like concrete and asphalt be installed near waterfront areas.

One of the most important things construction contractors consider is the shape and size of the gravel used. If the gravel is not the right size and shape, it won’t hold together properly. For this reason, companies specializing in gravel transit need to have large supplies of different varieties, shapes and sizes of gravel to meet the needs of its clients. A gravel transit companies often have a location for crushing gravel into smaller pieces.

There are other reasons gravel transit companies need a varied supply of gravel. When a driveway is being constructed,for example, the larger stones are usually needed at the bottom and the smaller on top. It’s not uncommon for gravel hauling companies to serve the same construction location multiple times per week with different product of different sizes. The same gravel hauling company should also be able to meet the needs of smaller projects by independent contractors or homeowners who might just need one load for their projects.

A good gravel hauling company also delivers material such as mulch and topsoil, and does so at a bargain. McClymonds Supply and Transit is a gravel transit company located in Portersville, Pennsylvania. Established in 1945, its main business is delivering construction materials to construction sites. These include materials such as sand, limestone, rocks, decorative stone and gravel. Even though McClymonds Supply and Transit is located in Pennsylvania, it services areas such as far away as the Northern Midwest, Maine through Northeast Georgia and Ontario Canada.

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